It’s not compulsory to get your kit off for a boudoir shoot! I have plenty of clients who come and have their hair and make up professionally styled and have some gorgeous portraits taken of themselves for all kinds of reasons.

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A scar means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you…

This is Holly a beautiful inspirational young woman who despite life throwing everything at her including two life saving organ transplants last year she has survived and she is educating others about the dangers of Diabetes. I felt super privileged to meet and take shots of Holly and to meet her lovely husband Lynton who also came to her shoot (Holly uses a wheel chair so she needed some assistance). Holly explained to me bravely that the shoot was part of her healing, to show her scars and not feel any shame, to accept them and show others she won the battle.

I promised to share some of her images as she asked as she wants other young people who are Diabetic to take the condition seriously and she also wants to show other people who have scars that it’s okay to show them.

All images taken at Boudoirvous studio in Colchester, Essex.

Photographs taken at Colchester Boudoirvous studio which is an all female team offering Boudoir Photography to women in Colchester and Essex.


Boudoir Photography

At Boudoirvous we pride ourselves on being an all female team, with a highly skilled hair and make-up artist you can choose to have your hair and make-up styled before your photoshoot.

The shoot is very personal and tailored to creating the kinds of images you want, we discuss styles and types of poses and clothing and before the date of your shoot. There is no need to be nervous you can call in for a cuppa beforehand or you can bring a friend with you on the day.

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