Official opening of Turner Road Diagnostic Centre in Colchester.

I was really chuffed to be asked by the Diagnostic Centre in Colchester to provide some images for their walls in the new centre. This evening was the official opening so I took along my dad as my wing man. He looked so smart in his suit, thanks for coming with me dad. Another moment and memory to treasure.


The colours of Autumn…

One of my favourite things to do is to go out walking with our cameras using just one lens. A Photographer friend of mine told me years ago that it was a good thing to do, it encourages me to be creative, to get back in touch with a lens I haven’t used for a while and to focus on the subject rather than get hung up on equipment that I have or don’t have on me. Here are a few pics from a walk at Alton Water using my 100mm…


Canary Wharf – long exposures without a tripod.

The changes that have been made to the London Docklands in the past 25 years have been among the most striking and most dynamic developments in the world. IMG_8571We decided to take a trip to Canary Wharf with our cameras at night. It was a  bit of a challenge for me as I didn’t have a tripod to use so all of these pics are taken using a long exposure and balancing my camera on something I found in the area like steps, tops of bollards etc














The Birds at Burnham

Sometimes as a self employed Photographer I get so caught up with taking pictures for other people I forget to take my own pictures for pleasure. On Sunday we went out for a drive to Burnham-on-Crouch and went for a stroll along the prom with our cameras. It was so mild that we stayed out longer than expected and were there as the sun started to set .



IMG_4664 IMG_4724 IMG_4774 IMG_4899IMG_4840

The dead Oaks at Mundun, Essex are a little bit creepy.

It has been claimed that the oak forest in Mundon is first mentioned in the Domesday book. Later, the oaks narrowly missed being cut down for use as masts when a fleet was built to sail against the Spanish Armada.The 14th-century timber-framed Church of St. Mary, built within the remains of the moat of Mundon Hall, and likely on Saxon and Norman foundations, has been disused since the 1970s. Following a long period of remedial work, the church once again re-opened to visitors in August 2009.











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