Product Photography in Colchester, Essex.

Product Photography

I work on small orders myself and have other photographers who I have worked with before to call on for large orders. The most common request I have is to have the products placed on a pure white background with an added shadow or reflection. Sometimes my clients ask for their products to be placed on a clear layer so the product can be placed onto different colour backgrounds or onto a website. If you want to find out more about my product photography please see my website.

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My bunch of websites…

Because I do so many different types of photography, I have different websites for each.Click on the images below to go to each site…

My Family Photography website:


Here’s my Wedding Photography website:


My Boudoir photography site:


My Business and commercial website:



Product Photography in Colchester, Essex

Hi, phewee I cannot believe we are already in the middle of February. Time seems to be flying past and I did have plans to write more on my blog this year. I want to share ideas, offer photography tips which I find useful and share a few stories without breaking anyone’s confidence! So hopefully I will find time to introduce more of that and not just use my blog to post pics.

In the mean time here is an image taken from a shoot I did with ‘Nudge Drinks’ a new smoothie company which you will hopefully soon see on your supermarket shelves. Yummy smoothies made with frozen fresh fruit.LC2J36012