Month: July 2008

Talia is here at last

On Wednesday 9th July Talia Jane Leggett was born at Colchester General Hospital. Overdue and taking her time to make an appearance she finally made a big entrance Wednesday morning weighing in at a very respectful 7lb 15oz. The name Talia comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Talia is: Dew of heaven.

Congratulations to Samantha and Daniel, Hope is very excited about being an Auntie again. xx

Here are a few pics of Talia just a few hours old :

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Happy Birthday Amelie

Sunday 6th July 2008

Today we went to visit my lovely niece who will be six tomorrow, she had a birthday party at her house and invited family and friends along. Yummy food, party games and dancing to Grease songs, a fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Here are some pics…

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