I have been so busy with actually taking pics lately I haven’t had time to keep up with my social media. However today when I was checking my one of my Google+ business pages (somehow I have two G+ pages for lindsay wakelin it was asking me for some pics of myself and I was just in the process of borrowing my partners camera as a backup camera today and spied some pics of me on his memory card. Boom!

IMG_8656  IMG_8936





Visit from Princess Anne to Treetops in Colchester

I was delighted when Livability asked me to take pictures of HRH Princess Anne visiting Treetops in Colchester. Livability work with disabled and disadvantaged people to promote choice, independence and opportunity. The charity Livability are trying to raise £190,000 for new equipment in their bathrooms and kitchens of their residents. Princess Anne visits Treetops in Colchester

Below you can see me in action, I accidentally photo bombed another press photographer…

CO104207_011 princess anne sb.jpg-pwrt2