My studio is open for business 10am – 10pm.

Jan 2013sml

Don’t worry if you are nervous or worried about your small children not behaving or being unhappy for the pictures. I am used to distracting and making silly noisy for children, experienced with photography in nurseries and schools I have picked up tricks and tips to get their eye contact and put them at ease. I know children need time and space to feel relaxed so please do not worry about your toddler screaming or your baby suddenly falling asleep.
I aim to provide a portrait session which is relaxed, comfortable and fun. My studio is open from 10am – 10pm to allow for bookings after work.

Family portrait shoot

A few shots from a recent portrait shoot at the studio with three at first slightly nervous and reluctant men and one shy little toddler. Once they realised I was an approachable human who wasn’t going to give them a hard time they soon relaxed and got into the groove.  When baby brother was looking like he wanted to cry I encouraged one of them to clonk me over the head with a soft toy whist I took pics.  He left laughing saying “Twitter status,  just finished knocking a photographer over the head with a soft toy” …..Well it works!



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