Essex Girls In Business Networking Event.

Some may think because the name has the word ‘Essex’ in it that this group of women might possibly all have fake tans and wear white stilettos. In truth it’s actually made up of a diverse mix of business women from all over Essex from one woman bands to franchisee’s. I have been involved with this group since before Xmas 2012 and only have good things to say about it. Being part of EGIB is about being mutually supportive but also helping each other to generate leads and ultimately share business with one another. How refreshing to be able to talk about the birth process and then switch to the subject of managing social networks and no one winces, no one cringes. Its good honest, open stuff. If you haven’t been along I highly recommend it.



Product Photography – Lighting Wine Bottles.

Lighting Wine Bottles – Two techniques I use.

Wine Bottles

The first three bottles below are fairly evenly lit using three lights on each side of a light box. I used Perspex inside the light box to stand the bottles on and a reflector propped up at the front of the box below the camera lens to reflect light back onto the bottle label.


The three bottles below were lit using a black backdrop and a light with a soft box positioned behind the bottle ( this is the block of lighter colour you can see in the glass), one light at a 45 degree angle at about about 4’0’clock from the bottle up higher about head height. I also used a reflector to the left in front of the bottle to throw some light onto the label. As you can see the shapes of the reflection in the glass are quite different and give a very different feel.

IMG_1917 IMG_1894sml Wine Bottles - Using two different light set ups.