Five photography tips I have learnt over time…

Five Photography tips


I have been a Freelance Photographer since 2009, along the way I have learnt quite a few lessons here are five tips I would like to share.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.

In the beginning I lacked confidence in my own ability and almost felt a fraud when I said out loud “I am a Professional Photographer”. By looking at the best Photographers in the world only made me feel inadequate and made me question my own ability. Look at their work and be inspired by ideas but believe in your own work it takes takes time to develop your own style.

2.  Keep it simple.

It’s easy to get so involved with what you are doing and over complicate things. For instance when I first started to use studio lights with portrait work I would read up about different set ups, use too many lights, reflectors, flags, and different lens. I have learnt to keep things simple and build up my lighting using one light at a time, if a portrait looks great with one light stick to one light.

3. You don’t need to buy every size lens.

When I started out I did a lot of research on what lenses I needed as well as talking to other Photographers about why they chose a particular lens. I still use every one of those lens today depending on the job. What has worked for me is to have a good wide angle lens 24-70mm, to have a great zoom lens 70-200mm and to have selection of prime lens including 35mm, 100mm and 85mm.

4. Keep taking pics for fun

As a professional Photographer I was finding I started to stop taking pics for fun and was only doing it for paid work. I now take pics for fun when I have time off. It allows me time to experiment, it keeps my ideas fresh and means I can take pictures without the pressure of having to produce an image for anyone but my own enjoyment.

5. Connect with other Photographers

I find it incredibly useful being friends with other Photographers, we share ideas, we refer work to one another and we have also borrowed each others equipment when needed. Try not to feel threatened by other Photographers connecting and building friendships has only ever worked in my favour. Having fellow ‘togs’ as friends can also provide you with an invaluable support network. I have joined FB groups, I network and also meet up with fellow Photographers to shoot for fun or talk over ideas.