Emma & Jay – Saturday 17th April

Following their Wedding Emma and Jay met up with me on a sunny sparkly Wivenhoe Quay, we then went onto their wedding party at William Loveless Hall In Wivenhoe, Essex.








more to follow…

The Business Womans Network

Every event has business focused presentations with no cost / low cost ideas and plenty of time to network & meet other Successful like minded business women in a relaxed and informative environment. No membership fees, no block outs – You just pay for the events that you would like to attend. The last meeting was held at The Five Lakes Country Club, Maldon, Essex.

_MG_0571Pics from the last meeting  – http://www.pbase.com/wakelin/the_business_womans_network

The ban on gay weddings in church has been lifted by the House of Lords

This is an article I found today online  –

The ban on gay weddings in church has been lifted by the House of Lords, and it is Expected that it will soon be approved by the House of Commons as well. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/gay-weddings-to-be-allowed-in-church-1915467.html Our production company is looking for a gay or lesbian couple who want to have a traditional church wedding and who will be planning a wedding as soon as the ban is legally lifted. We want to find an enthusiastic and dynamic couple who have a strong conviction in their beliefs and would be happy to share the planning and the ceremony with a television crew. If you are a wedding planner and believe you have a couple who would be perfect for this please get in touch. We want to follow not only the ceremony itself but also the planning, so any wedding planner would be part of the series. If you would like to be involved please email **EDITED** We are an independent TV company led by executive producers Dan Barraclough and Hannah Wyatt. They have an excellent track record in delivering intelligent and thought provoking television with a big heart.

Baby Zach



_MG_9485ctiny for blog

He was so well behaved, so patient up until the point when his sister gave his head a big over enthusiastic hug…more pics to follow.