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Wow that was a busy summer of photography, I am not complaining I have loved every minute of it. My work is so varied it never gets boring one day I am shooting a tiny little newborn only a few days old the next I am taking a portrait of a CEO of a London legal firm. Even the product photography can become absorbing and all consuming, in my work I am a perfectionist so the devil really is in the detail.

Take the Wedding flowers I shoot, its not all about he composition and getting the lighting right, its about every leaf and every petal looking the best it can look.

Life is pretty messy when you look at it close up on your PC screen, leaves and petals have nibbles, holes, growths, fungus, bugs, rips, colour variations all have to spotted,studied and corrected as part of my editing process. I don’t really like gardening but I do love nature and its beautiful patterns and design.

Here’s a few shots from my most recent Wedding Flowers & Accessories Magazine shoot.

Thanks for looking, for more info on my product photography please go to my website which tells you more about my commercial assignments Lindsay Wakelin Photography.


Flower Jam 25.08.16-362

Jades Flowers 24.08.16-151

The Wild Fox 24.08.16-246

Sussex Cutting Garden 24.08.16-175

Amega Fleur Floral Design 25.08.16-326

Amega Fleur Floral Design 25.08.16-313

Jades Flowers 24.08.16-165

Achillea 25.08.16-449

James Bernard 25.08.16-371

Colchester Castle Park pics for local magazine covers…

I have been waiting for a fluffy cloud day, perfect to use my ND filter. A few images I took today to go on the front covers of Adams Publishing Magazine ‘Around Colchester’.







Butterfly's from Jimmy's Farm in Suffolk

Every now and again I get the chance to meet up with a few photographer buddies and we go out and take pics of things for fun. Here are a few pics from Jimmy’s Farm Butterfly House:

IMG_0032 IMG_0045  IMG_0026IMG_0059IMG_0051IMG_0040

Random things…

I often take pictures which never get posted or seen by anyone, mainly because I take them for my own pleasure but also because often they do not seem to fit into any particular category. I can spend hours photographing something which has caught my eye, this lilly was calling out for attention so I couldn’t ignore it.


The Birds at Burnham

Sometimes as a self employed Photographer I get so caught up with taking pictures for other people I forget to take my own pictures for pleasure. On Sunday we went out for a drive to Burnham-on-Crouch and went for a stroll along the prom with our cameras. It was so mild that we stayed out longer than expected and were there as the sun started to set .



IMG_4664 IMG_4724 IMG_4774 IMG_4899IMG_4840