How to prepare for a Boudoir shoot

How to prepare for your Boudoir shoot at BoudoirVous

What to wear on arrival: Remember that some clothing will dig into your skin and cause lines, the worst culprits are socks which cause lines around the ankles, bra’s which leave lines on the shoulder and across the back and under your bust and knickers which leave lines around your bottom or across the tops of your thighs. Although it is possible to photo-shop these lines out it can sometimes be very tricky so please try and wear loose fitting underwear which is not tight on the day.

Remember the details: Most women will want to wax or shave but do remember to moisturise, the lights and heat in the room will dry your skin out so moisturising your after your shower or bath is a good idea. Think about every detail of your body, your eyebrows, your nails on your hands and feet, are you going to wear earring’s if so will they match with your chosen outfit?

Make-up: Most clients turn up with no make up or wearing very little, don’t worry if you do not feel comfortable going out without make-up on as the make-up artist always removes any make-up and cleanses your skin before she starts applying make-up for your shoot.

Hair: Most hair dressers will tell you that if you are going to style your hair it will behave better if it hasn’t been freshly washed, so try not to arrive on the day with washed hair. Especially if you are thinking about having your hair curled or crimped, it takes better and stays in longer on hair which hasn’t just been washed.

What to bring: Once you have decided what style of shoot you are going for please bring a long any extra props you might want to use. I often share my Pinterest boards with my clients to give them ideas and inspiration on hair, make-up and outfits. The number of changes will be determined by which package you have chosen but remember you can accessorize. Props you might want to bring with you-

Long gloves
Feather bower
His watch, motorcycle helmet, or favourite something
A hand made sign or message which you may want to hold e.g. Happy Birthday

Lastly try not to feel too nervous, your Boudoir shoot is about making you look and feel fabulous. It is completely private and confidential and images are only shared if you give me written permission to do so.