World Photography Day

Did you know its World Photography Day today?

13 years ago I had been made redundant, I had become a single parent and had very little money to support myself and my daughter. I felt I was in a big hole too big to get out of, I felt so helpless and hopeless. It was then I decided to take one of the biggest risk’s I have ever taken in my life and do what I had always secretly wanted to do (but not had the courage to do it) and that was to become a photographer.

With the love, help and support of family & friends and a small bank loan I started my journey. Its been at times a very challenging road to follow (especially through Covid) its also been moving, funny, surprising, rewarding and interesting. It’s taken me out of my comfort zone, and at times pushed me to my limits both physically and emotionally, but I am still here and I have never ever regretted a single moment of it.

My life now is very different, I am so grateful to have a loving partner, have my own photography studio and still have the love and excitement of taking pictures. So today has some meaning for me, it reminds me of how photography helped change my life and for the better and for that I will always be truly thankful.

Heres a pic of me with my first entry level pro camera. ❤️

Website Photography

Natalie is a musician and composer and needed some bespoke images for her new website, here are a few from our shoot at the studio and Hythe area.

There always one…

Today I was shooting a client (musician) outside around the area near my studio and as I am setting up the shot considering the composition I became aware of someone in the background attempting to get our attention. He got it! 🙂


Even my white cotton jewellery gloves (which I wear to handle products) didn’t feel clean enough to handle this watch! I made sure that every time I took it out of its box to have something soft and cushioned to place it on. I knew the value of the watch and felt a huge sense of responsibility during the shoot, I’m so glad its gone back to where it belongs.

The Swan

Have you noticed how time slows down when she passes by in her white feather gown. How the air holds it’s breath, you may hear trees sigh. The water is mercury as she passes by.

And so she sails with ethereal grace, unaware of her beauty in this watery place. Then she see’s me and glides my way and sits beside me to make my day.

– Anne Waterfield

Photography for online auctions

I was asked to photograph a second hand watch to be listed on a luxury watch auction site. The watch has never been worn so the plastic protective cover was still over the face and buckle of the watch. The vendor wanted to keep these in place so that any buyer can clearly see that the watch has never been worn.

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A work in progress…

I had a little helper with me in the studio last week. I have been so busy with shooting products recently I have really fallen behind posting anything on social media, so she did this little thing…