It's Prom time!

Colchester Academy held their Prom at The Weston Homes Stadium in Colchester on Friday. The young people made quite an entrance when they arrived in all sorts ranging from an armoured covered Army Tank looking thing to big old American Chevrolet’s. To see the other images please go to my Gallery –





Distracted by FXcam

Owning an Android phone I have recently found various camera apps which are just so fun to play around with. One of my favourites is FXcam. Having owned a very old Nokia for years, the change over has been quite a dramatic one for me. It’s not always practical to have a camera swinging around your neck, this app is fun and so easy to use. I really love how it gives a Lomo look, to see other Android apps check this out



Beautiful old wood

Tuesday’s  assignment was to take pictures of beautiful old wood, which is recovered from old houses, treated and recycled to use in other properties. The company ‘ Floors Of Old ‘ lay floors in private houses, schools, churches and galleries.




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