Pooch shoots at my studio in Colchester

Oh they were so cute and well behaved! I have to admit I do think they look rather dandy in their tie and bandanna. Apparently he looks after her and is the sensible one so it says a bit a bout their personality, I have a few different styles of neck wear which some people love others are just looking for a really nice portrait of their dog either way is fine we always have fun at our doggy shoots. For more info email me at lindsay@thefamilyphotographer.co.uk Call us free on 0800 161 3831 (1)

Lucille & Andrew were married In Wivenhoe

And it didn’t rain! Lucille and Andrew kept everything in the village, getting married at St Marys Church in Wivenhoe, having their Wedding breakfast at The Bakehouse and their evening reception at Wivenhoe Cricket club.








15 Queen Street, Colchester

Hi, I know I am not brilliant with keeping my blog up to date, it’s something I need to spend more time on! I just wanted to give the people at 15, Queen Street a bit of a shout out. If you don’t know anything about them then you should check out their website or call into their office and meet the lovely Alex Davis who lives on the front desk and will happily give you a tour and tell you a little about what they do. Here is their website: http://www.15queenstreet.org/about

If you are a creative person in your spare time or have turned your hand to starting your own business then they can be a great resource for you. They have lots of different clubs and work shops, get together’s, talks and meet ups where you can mingle and mix with other creatives, pick their brains, share a beer or two and swap details.

If you join as I have as a Flexi member you pay just £15 p/month which entitles you to attend their once a month get together, rental of a room, the opportunity to connect and build relationships with the other members. I went a long yesterday to have my picture taken, and talk about my Boudoir Photography http://boudoirvous.co.uk/ it was windy and rainy so my hair looks like I have a comb over. I really do not like being the other side of the Camera but Alex was very patient with me.

DSCF6499without spotsml500

My take on Magritte

One of my most favourite things to do on a day off is to wander around an art gallery. I love the atmosphere, the quiet, the focus and calmness which can be found in a gallery. I often leave with my brain on over drive wanting to get creative with my camera as soon as possible however my every day work must take priority so I tend not to allow myself the time or the space to express my more quirky ideas. I have decided this should change and right now I am working on a new site to display some of this work but in the meantime until it is complete I will post some things here….



I am out most days doing wacky school photography, today I have a very husky voice reminds me a bit of Cathy Beale (Eastenders ). Too much shouting at the children in a good way of course, in order to get their attention you have to make a lot of noise and pull some weird ole faces.

If you are trying to get hold of me, please don’t be put off by my answer machine. I will pick up your call and get back to you as soon as I can…promise.

loving the top Cathy.