Product photography in the studio

Apparently these days you only have 15 seconds before your potential customers leave your website. That’s why professional photography for you, your website and your products is important to make you stand out from your competitors. If you need product cut out or on pure white backgrounds or lifestyle images please get in contact.


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Time to update my own profile pics, another year older and all that jazz…

I am lucky to have a few photographer friends so when we want to update our own images online we spend a day messing about like little kids in the studio, experimenting and playing around. Thanks Jack what a work out but worth it, I think we got some good ones of each other. This was me trying to look like a corporate animal(which I am not naturally) and ending up dissolving  into pulling faces and relaxing into this pose.

Product photography in Colchester

Some shots from a Product Photography shoot for the company Why Buy New . They wanted a model to use their product so their customers can see the size of the product and how easy it is to use. I hired a model and shot at my studio in Colchester. It was fun to shoot, good job I had fan going…collage with copyright 1000x1000

Product Photography in Colchester, Essex

Hi, phewee I cannot believe we are already in the middle of February. Time seems to be flying past and I did have plans to write more on my blog this year. I want to share ideas, offer photography tips which I find useful and share a few stories without breaking anyone’s confidence! So hopefully I will find time to introduce more of that and not just use my blog to post pics.

In the mean time here is an image taken from a shoot I did with ‘Nudge Drinks’ a new smoothie company which you will hopefully soon see on your supermarket shelves. Yummy smoothies made with frozen fresh fruit.LC2J36012

Product Photography – Lighting Wine Bottles.

Lighting Wine Bottles – Two techniques I use.

Wine Bottles

The first three bottles below are fairly evenly lit using three lights on each side of a light box. I used Perspex inside the light box to stand the bottles on and a reflector propped up at the front of the box below the camera lens to reflect light back onto the bottle label.


The three bottles below were lit using a black backdrop and a light with a soft box positioned behind the bottle ( this is the block of lighter colour you can see in the glass), one light at a 45 degree angle at about about 4’0’clock from the bottle up higher about head height. I also used a reflector to the left in front of the bottle to throw some light onto the label. As you can see the shapes of the reflection in the glass are quite different and give a very different feel.

IMG_1917 IMG_1894sml Wine Bottles - Using two different light set ups.