One daughter, a vape one fan and one light

Sometimes I get so caught up with working and doing Photography for other people I forget to take time out to just be playful, get creative and experiment with ideas. I have decided that I need to do this more than I have been, so with the help of my daughter ‘Hope’ we are going to plan some creative shoots. Here are a few from today, I just wanted to start simple and take some time to experiment with light and darkness, shape and form. We used a black backdrop, one light sometimes a piece of white card (as a reflector) a fan and a vape! As is often the case with Photography sometimes the unplanned shots are more interesting than the shots you intended to take so I included a few below.


Studio Photography Colchester

Walking in Essex

Following a shoot on Saturday I decided to go for a walk in Brightlingsea. I followed the path from behind the Beach Huts along by the water to Arlesford Creek. It was cold but a beautiful day and I was so glad I had taken my camera with me. The light was simply perfect and as I wandered about choosing different clouds to shoot I suddenly spotted a dark swarm on the horizon and realise that a large flock of Geese are on the move and heading my way…..



It is at this point I am regretting only bringing one lens with me! As they swoop and curve over, the noise of them chattering and flapping fills the air around me. On the ground their shadows seem to move in slow motion and remind me of a clip I once saw in a Pink Floyd video of dark aircraft shapes moving as one.


I stand in wonder at the ever changing scenery in front of me..


After putting on a very impressive air display they finally settle down in a field near by.


Then I approach the creek which is still and silent and illuminated like a freshly painted picture.


 To see the other pictures I took along my way click here to go to my Gallery.

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Talia is here at last

On Wednesday 9th July Talia Jane Leggett was born at Colchester General Hospital. Overdue and taking her time to make an appearance she finally made a big entrance Wednesday morning weighing in at a very respectful 7lb 15oz. The name Talia comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Talia is: Dew of heaven.

Congratulations to Samantha and Daniel, Hope is very excited about being an Auntie again. xx

Here are a few pics of Talia just a few hours old :

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