I have been so busy with actually taking pics lately I haven’t had time to keep up with my social media. However today when I was checking my one of my Google+ business pages (somehow I have two G+ pages for lindsay wakelin it was asking me for some pics of myself and I was just in the process of borrowing my partners camera as a backup camera today and spied some pics of me on his memory card. Boom!

IMG_8656  IMG_8936





Everyone is nervous about having a shoot…



Some of my clients put off having a photo shoot because they are nervous, nervous about what is involved. They are worried about posing, insecure about certain parts of their body, unsure as to what to expect, and may have fears about how their images are shared and the confidentiality of the shoot.

It is completely natural to have all of these concerns, and it is my job as your photographer to reassure you and put your mind at ease. I always welcome people to visit me at my studio to talk through any concerns and never put anyone under any pressure to commit to a photo shoot if they are not sure.

Please contact me at to arrange a visit to my studio to talk about Wedding, Boudoir, Family or Corporate Photography. I make a great cuppa and am always happy to chat and show people my albums, my work and the studio.

Wedding of Martha & Michael at Colchester Castle

Considering how wild the weather was at the beginning of the week, we were so lucky to have a bright and dry day. It was very cold outside St Mary’s Church where the service was held, but everyone soon warmed up once they were all aboard the big red London bus heading towards Colchester Castle. We had great fun taking pics at the Castle where the ushers got thrown into jail and Martha did her impression of Boadicea riding the chariot.  Come back next week to see the rest of the pics.








Patsy & Piers

Were married at Winters Barns near Canterbury in Kent. Although rain was forecast we were lucky it turned out to be a gorgeous bright crisp Autumn day. Here are a few pictures taken on the day. The couple have chosen to have a private online gallery so the rest of the images are only accessible via a password.