Colchester Carnival – Our stand in the Castle Park.

Thanks to those of you that came to visit our stand in the Castle Park yesterday, it was really nice to meet so many people. I just wanted to remind you that my Wedding site and also my Children & Family Portrait site are currently being updated so are not available to view on line right now. If you want to be updated please do register here on my blog or feel free to email me if you have any questions.  Many Thanks, Lindsay


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  1. Hi Lindsay, I spoke to you late on Saturday about a shoot for my daughter with her dog.

    Thanks for taking the time to go through what you can offer, it was a real eye opener as to what’s possible with regard the framing/presentation etc.

    Can you email me the pricelist (you’d run out by the time I came by) – I’ll try and find some dates where she’s free and email you.

    Thanks again,


    PS. Good luck with the new site! Look forward to seeing an update here later…

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