Peacehaven Beach, Sussex

I met up with a friend of mine and we headed off along the coastal road until we came across this stretch of beach which was deserted…… on the image to see the other pic’s.


Last week I spent a few day’s in Sussex, click on the image below to see my other shots of Brighton. It started off very grey and misty but the weather improved so the next day with walking boots on, a map in hand and a large pouch of tobacco I took a long walk along the South Down way. What a wonderful place, the sun shone and everyone I passed on the hillside seemed to have a smile….more pics will be posted up over the next few day’s.


Wivenhoe fishing lakes

Wrapped up like a big cake with wellies on I took a walk around the fishing lakes, what a beautiful sunny cold crispy day. Click on the image below to see my other pics.



I live just down the road from Wivenhoe Port and often enjoy going down to the front to look at the boats and walk by the water. Click on the picture of the swan to see some more pics…



Click on the picture above to see recent pics of when we went to London to see the show ‘ Chicago ‘


Movie maker

My daughter also loves to take picture’s so when she recently presented me with a poem she had written I couldn’t resist putting some of her word’s and picture’s together. The poem is about standing still, she was going to call it ‘ Stationary ‘ but despite the spelling thought people might think it was about paper and pen’s so instead she decided to call it ‘ Station ‘ so now some people will probably think it is about trains!


CLICK HERE to play movie ( Duration-about 1 minute )