New book – Punk Rock People Management by Peter Cook (see my images)

Peter Cook uses some of my images in his new book –

Curiously titled “Punk Rock People Management”, it offers some short and straightforward advice on hiring, inspiring and firing staff. In the spirit of punk, Peter has made each chapter just two pages long – ideal for busy people and those who now browse books online.

Peter offers keynote seminars and more traditional business consultancy without guitars, based on his ideas – you can find out more at THE ACADEMY OF ROCK and HUMAN DYNAMICS

A Sunday Walk In September

All this week I have been made busy taking pictures for other people. Today I had a day off and it was so nice to take a wander over the fields near where I live and take pictures of one of my favourite things…nature. I only took one lens as I find sometimes it is best to limit myself to just using one, it restricts me but this can be a good thing. It makes me really think about the lens and using it to the max. I love my 100mm, it’s one of my best. I make myself stop mid walk and just look, look until I see what is there right in front of me. To see the rest of the pics I took on my walk please go to –





Back to school…

Anyone who is reading this…

I am back working in schools during the week doing school photography. If you are trying to get hold of me, please leave a message and I will phone you back as soon as I get a break.

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p.s Thanks for the lovely home-grown toms ma and pa! x

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Hg sml 3

What a mix

I have taken pictures of such weird and wonderful things recently, some personal, some private commissions and some joint ventures. From Proms and dance pics to bumps and hedgehogs! I find I don’t always have the time or permission to show all that I do as some people prefer to keep things private which is understandable. Here are some relaxed pics from The Colne Community School Prom night.




It's Prom time!

Colchester Academy held their Prom at The Weston Homes Stadium in Colchester on Friday. The young people made quite an entrance when they arrived in all sorts ranging from an armoured covered Army Tank looking thing to big old American Chevrolet’s. To see the other images please go to my Gallery –