Last week I spent a few day’s in Sussex, click on the image below to see my other shots of Brighton. It started off very grey and misty but the weather improved so the next day with walking boots on, a map in hand and a large pouch of tobacco I took a long walk along the South Down way. What a wonderful place, the sun shone and everyone I passed on the hillside seemed to have a smile….more pics will be posted up over the next few day’s.


Movie maker

My daughter also loves to take picture’s so when she recently presented me with a poem she had written I couldn’t resist putting some of her word’s and picture’s together. The poem is about standing still, she was going to call it ‘ Stationary ‘ but despite the spelling thought people might think it was about paper and pen’s so instead she decided to call it ‘ Station ‘ so now some people will probably think it is about trains!


CLICK HERE to play movie ( Duration-about 1 minute )





7th Note

Dec 2008

‘7 th Note’ are made up of local musicians Alex Moss ( Guitar, Piano and vocals ) and David Andrews ( vocals and knee tapping ). They perform gigs in and around East Anglia singing covers but also producing their own stuff. As well as performing at pubs and clubs in the area they also enjoy playing at Weddings and Corporate events.

Click here to hear 7th Note perform Moondance